Click here to contact a case worker. Six years ago, late one Wednesday afternoon, Kim Bertrand received a phone call that would change her life forever. On that day, she and her husband Sterling became parents.
“I was working late. The office was almost deserted,” said Kim. “I immediately called Sterling and told him we had a son, and we could bring him home on Friday.”
“He asked me what Friday I was talking about. Both of us were shocked because we didn’t expect this call to come so quickly.”

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Baton Rouge (CCDBR) will be one of the few adoption agencies in the State able to help parents wanting to adopt children from other countries when a new law takes effect on July 14.

“This new law expands the protections afforded under The Hague to prevent the abduction, exploitation and selling of children in Non-Hague Countries,” said Paula Davis, LCSW, CCDBR’s Clinical Director. “These safeguards protect most importantly, children, but also prevent the future heartbreak of birth families and adoptive families.” 

Published in The Advocate, 3/5/2016Adoption forum panelists

Abortion alternative presented

by Mark H. Hunter, Special to The Advocate

Nina, a waitress who works in a busy New York City restaurant, discovers she is pregnant and decides to have an abortion because, she tells a friend, “I can’t even take care of myself, let alone a baby.”

Her friend Jose, the restaurant’s chef, counsels her to consider adoption but supports her by accompanying her to an abortion clinic. While lying on the table, Nina realizes she can’t go through with it and eventually gives the baby up for adoption to Jose, who is not the biological father. 

Adoption experts says adoption not the best crisis response

CRS responds to Nepal earthquakeBaton Rouge, LA— Louisiana’s only accredited provider for both international and domestic adoptions Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Baton Rouge (CCDBR) cautions families trying to adopt Nepalese orphans at this time. 

“Just like following the Haitian earthquakes, people see images of children separated from their families on the news and want to help, but protecting the children and reuniting them with their families is the top priority,” said David C. Aguillard, CCDBR Executive Director.  “As the immediate crisis recedes, adopting orphaned children may become an option.  But international adoptions take time and professional expertise to safeguard the rights of all involved.”

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Director: Stephanie Sterling

Maternity Services 

Planning for your child’s future is difficult. You can depend on Catholic Charities, nationally recognized leaders who help women like you make a decision of a lifetime.  Don’t spend another day alone. 

  • Some women chose to parent their child, others make an adoption plan.  Regardless of your decision, all maternity services are free, confidential and  open to all regardless of faith, race or income level.
  • A counselor will help you set goals, plan for your education or job, and support you along your path. 
  • We’ll help you find medical care, food resources, counseling and more.  
  • Expectant parents can choose who will parent their child. Birthfathers and extended family members are invited to be included in the decision-making process.

Domestic and International Adoption Services

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Baton Rouge provides domestic and international adoption services , placing children from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds with their forever families.  Our adoption services include:

  • Individual consultation
  • Parent preparation and education
  • Support before and after the adoption
  • Home study services
  • Adoption-related counseling
For almost 50 years, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Baton Rouge has been building families through adoption and is one of a few Hague-accredited agencies in Louisiana. Making a decision about your adoption path is one of the most significant choices of a lifetime.  Allow us to guide you on your adoption journey.
Counseling & Services for People Touched by Adoption
  • Individual counseling for adopted persons, birth parents, adoptive parents or anyone whose life has been touched by adoption
  • Family counseling for those coping with adoption-related issues
  • Consultation on search and reunion-related issues
  • Intermediary services for relationships between birth families and adoptive families
  • For previous Catholic Charities clients, case file research and reunion-related services
  • Referral to relevant adoption--related resources 
Sanctuary for Life
Women coming to Sanctuary for Life have no other options. Pregnant. Alone. Confused. Often living on the street. Their choices are limited. Some may choose abortion. Others continue their pregnancy with no medical care, frequently hungry, sleeping where ever they can. Their baby’s health suffers. Medical bills pile up, and the chances of long term health problems increase. Catholic Charities Sanctuary for Life is just that … a Sanctuary.  Homeless, pregnant women live in community with a house mother, mentor each other, and receive medical care, nutritious meals and counseling. They leave the house employed and ready to care for their newborn babies.
Live your pro-life beliefs and help. Here’s how:
  • Donate cash or items to help a SFL resident start her new life as a mother.
  • Help with property and lawn maintenance.
  • Prepare and serve a home cooked meal.
  • Teach a skill or interest to the residents.
  • Mentor a SFL resident during her pregnancy or after she becomes a mother.
  • Drive a SFL resident to school or doctor appointment.
  • Offer jobs to new mothers.



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