Boys getting clothing at shelter
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Baton Rouge has been active daily since Isaac inundated the Capital Region Working through local parishes in the Maurepas region, shelter officials, and assisted by St. Vincent de Paul, our disaster response teams distributed relief supplies to families who, in some instances, were rescued from flood waters without a chance to even slip on a pair of shoes. We have found some families in isolated areas in need of water, medicine, clothing and food.  

While people with emergencies should call 911, Catholic Charities will continue to respond to unmet needs that fall between the cracks as 1st responders act on their appropriate priorities: saving lives and protecting property. 
Once the water recedes, the hard work of clean up, debris removal, and rebuilding disrupted lives will start. We have already begun recruiting volunteers to assist and will also have our own recovery staff, employment counselors, and mental health professionals available.
In our work, we have seen impacted families in need of help also show their own generosity in making contributions to help others in need.  You can help, too:
  • Donate now to Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Baton Rouge Disaster Response fund. Your financial donations help us get the help to where it's needed the most. 
  • Sign up as a volunteer. Download a volunteer application and fax it to 225-336-8745 or email Kayla Richard.
  • Drop off these items at our office: bug spray, sunscreen, diapers, and unscented baby wipes or click here to purchase them from our Wal-Mart wish list. 

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