Rainbow over Catholic Charities office the day before Hurricane Isaac strikes

 Catholic Charities has geared up its Disaster Operations team in advance of Hurricane Isaac's landfall, assessing needs in every parish in our diocese as well as working with our sister agencies in South Louisiana.We don't know exactly what is going to happen, but one thing is certain--we're going to need money and volunteers.  

Make a donation. While the exact role and activities will vary and be unique to each disaster, we focus on filling gaps in existing services, primarily for the most vulnerable populations and those with the greatest needs. Financial donations are the best way to help with our response efforts because it allows us to get the help where it's needed the most. Click here to make a donation to support Catholic Charities Disaster Operations to help the victims of Hurricane Isaac.

How about signing up as a volunteer? Click here for a form. Fill it out and fax it to 225-336-8745 or click here to email. Questions? Call Kayla Richard at 225-336-8700. Thank you and God bless.

Want more about how you can help? Click here to read "Disaster Strikes! How can you help? Catholic Charities offers these tips for helping after disaster."

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