Help kids start the school year on the right foot. Your donation of $30 buys one pair of new shoes for a child whose family received services from Catholic Charities. Help us meet our goal of $6,000 by the end of June

Why new shoes?

  • In the summer, utility bills soar, and grocery lists get longer. By the time school rolls around, there's not a lot left over in the household budget for school supplies, uniforms and classroom fees which can add up to well over $400 for a small family.
  • Other great organizations collect school supplies and uniforms, but none provide new shoes.
  • Kids feet grow fast … especially during adolescence. Shoes that don’t fit right causes improper foot growth, cause blisters and ingrown toenails, and just plain hurt! Who can learn with achy feet?
  • Shoes mold to the original wearer’s feet, so it’s seldom a good idea to pass them along to younger siblings. (Not to mention spreading athlete’s foot! Yuck!) 
  • Do you remember wearing new clothes for the first day of school? How did it make you feel? Kids today are no different. They want to shop and make their own decisions (with parent approval) about how they dress. 

Donate now online, mail a check to Catholic Charities, P. O. Box 1668, Baton Rouge, LA 70821 or call 225-336-8700. 

Here’s the facts:

  • Since 2007, CCDBR’s Kicks for Kids bought shoes for 5,500 students! Most of the families receiving shoe vouchers are current or former clients of Catholic Charities.
  • Special thanks to the parishioners of Our Lady of Mercy, Mater Dolorosa, Holy Ghost, St. Albert the Great, St. Helena, Our Lady of Pompeii, St. Margaret, and St. Joseph (Ponchatoula). Contact us if your church would like to participate. 
  • Each year, Payless Shoe Source gives a discount on the shoes, opens early with extra staff at designated locations, and stocks up on popular styles.
  • Volunteers and staff help families make their selections on a designated shopping day. 


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