While Catholic parishes and agencies across the Country are responding to the humanitarian disaster unfolding along the Mexican border, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Baton Rouge has no facilities to house these migrant children, who are some of the most vulnerable in our world.  

We encourage those who wish to support the U.S. Catholic Church’s efforts to care for the children in a compassionate Christian manner to visit the web sites of other Catholic agencies and parishes.  Many agencies and people have opened their doors and their hearts to prayerfully house, feed and clothe them while they are processed by our country’s established legal systems to determine if returning them home is a viable option or whether to admit them to the U.S.  

Currently, CCDBR is focused on assuring existing services continue so that all immigrants and refugees who have been legally admitted to our country do not suffer if resources are shifted to serve the unaccompanied children. Both populations deserve to be welcomed in the spirit of Christ.  Please click here to see how you can assist with our efforts.


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