BY ROBERT STEWART, The Advocate staff writer
May 22, 2012

Capital Area United Way will provide $6.7 million to agencies in the Baton Rouge metro area for community programs in the 2012-2013 fiscal year, the organization announced Friday.
More than 130 programs provided by 50 agencies will receive money, according to a news release from Capital Area United Way.
The number is about $500,000 higher than last fiscal year, according to figures from 2011-2012. Of the 43 agencies receiving funds this year that also received them last year, 23 saw a decrease in funding, according to the figures. The decreases range from $1,585 for the Boy Scouts of America Istrouma Area Council to $85,000 for Cancer Services of Greater Baton Rouge.
Eighteen agencies received more funds than last year, ranging from $2,000 extra for Volunteers in Public Schools to $88,500 more for the Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Baton Rouge. Three agencies that received money last year will not receive money this year: the Baton Rouge Catholic Youth Organization, Louisiana Hemophilia and the Community Association for the Welfare of School Children.
Eight agencies will receive funding for the first time this year, the release says. They are: ALS Association, Baton Rouge Children’s Advocacy Center, Baton Rouge Sickle Cell Anemia, Capital Area Alliance for the Homeless, City Year Baton Rouge, Family Road of Greater Baton Rouge, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and Teach for America South Louisiana.
Brad Madden, Capital Area United Way’s interim community investment director, said the organization goes through an annual process to determine if it is worth funding an agency or program, based on how the agency or program is doing.
If the agency or program does not meet certain standards, it is told it will be defunded unless it undergoes training to improve its business model, Madden said.
“Some were notified of the defund message and actually are not going to be defunded because they made strong improvements,” Madden said. “Others just, for whatever reason, chose not to make that change. Some have actually just chosen not to go through our process.”
Baton Rouge Catholic Youth Organization and Louisiana Hemophilia chose not to go through that process, Madden said, while Community Association for the Welfare of School Children no longer exists.
Capital Area United Way received about $10.5 million in pledges, donations and grants during its 2011 fundraising campaign, the release says. However, about $500,000 of that figure is expected to be “uncollectable,” or unaccounted for, leaving the total at about $9.9 million.
Of that total, about $7.5 million will be invested back into the community, including the $6.7 million given directly back to agencies, the release says.
Interim CEO and president Richard Williams said Capital Area United Way’s transition three years ago from an agency-based funding model to a program-based funding model helps Capital Area United Way see if the funds it distributes are helping programs grow in the community.
“To me that makes all of those agencies much better than they were, and that also gives them the opportunity to be much better at serving the communities that they’re in,” Williams said.
Capital Area United Way serves 10 parishes: East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge, West Feliciana, East Feliciana, Pointe Coupee, St. Helena, Livingston, Iberville, Ascension and St. James.

CAPITAL AREA UNITED WAY’S FUND ALLOCATION (Agency,funding this year, change)
Adult Literacy Advocates, $57,751.52 (+$3,347)
ALS Association, $17,000 (no money received last year)
American Diabetes Association, $25,000 (-$5,000)
American Red Cross, $300,000 (-$71,000)
AMI Kids Baton Rouge, $69,500 (+$4,500)
ARC of East Ascension/Community Opportunities of East Ascension, $20,000 (-$3,000)
Baton Rouge Area Alcohol and Drug Center, $123,000 (+$22,000)
Baton Rouge Children’s Advocacy Center, $39,500 (no money received last year)
Baton Rouge Crisis Intervention Center, $172,000 (+$34,486)
Baton Rouge Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation, $14,500 (no money received last year)
Baton Rouge Speech and Hearing Foundation, $265,000 (+$15,000)
Big Buddy Program $160,000 (-$17,630)
Boy Scouts of America, Istrouma Area Council, $225,000 (-$1,585)
Boy Scouts of America, Southeast Louisiana Council, $909.60 (-$2,168)
Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Baton Rouge, $224,500 (+$18,500)
Cancer Services of Greater Baton Rouge, $497,500 (-$85,000)
Capital Area Agency on Aging, $164,500 (+$9,500)
Capital Area Alliance for the Homeless, $49,500 (no money received last year)
Capital Area CASA Association, $37,756.78 (+$4,156)
Capital Area Family Violence Intervention Center, $170,000 (-$24,451)
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Baton Rouge, $423,500 (+$88,500)
Child Advocacy Services, $50,500 (+$4,500)
City Year Baton Rouge, $70,000 (no money received last year)
Donaldsonville Area ARC, $25,000 (+$5,000)
Family Road of Greater Baton Rouge, $49,500 (no money received last year)
Family Service of Greater Baton Rouge, $359,000 (no change)
Girl Scouts Louisiana East, $49,500 (-$40,500)
Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, $275,000 (+$15,000)
Happi Llandiers, $32,500 (-$2,500)
HOPE Ministries, $80,500 (-$48,500)
Hospice of Baton Rouge, $58,743 (-$10,856)
Livingston Activity Center, $2,405 (-$8,345)
Livingston Youth and Family Counseling, $150,000 (-$25,000)
McMains Children’s Developmental Center, $430,000 (-$10,000)
Mental Health Association of Greater Baton Rouge, $175,250 (+$9,500)
O’Brien House, $122,500 (-$42,500)
Port City Enterprise, $20,000 (+$3,000)
St. Helena Head Start, $1,701 (-$6,298)
St. James ARC, $8,272 (-$6,227)
St. James Council on Aging, $40,200 (-$6,500)
The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, $70,000 (no money received last year)
Teach for America South Louisiana, $70,000 (no money received last year)
The ARC Baton Rouge, $333,721 (+$47,928)
The ARC Iberville, $38,936 (+$3,936)
The Salvation Army, $144,900 (-$10,400)
YMCA of the Capital Area, $139,680 (-$3,020)
Volunteers in Public Schools, $37,000 (+$2,000)
Volunteers of America, Greater Baton Rouge, $407,500 (+$74,500)
West Baton Rouge Helping Hand, $1,271 (-$8,728)
YWCA Greater Baton Rouge, $95,000 (-$27,000)
TOTAL: $6.7 million

(Source: Capital Area United Way)
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