Make an informed decision on Transit Reform
Before you cast your vote on April 21, take some time to inform your conscience based on careful analysis of the facts and data. Click here to find links to materials developed by Catholic Charities as well as links to other sites, both in support and against the tax. Also, find out how much your taxes will increase if the tax passes. 
Why us? Why now? Since taking a stand in support of the transit reform proposal on the April 21 ballot, we at Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Baton Rouge (CCDBR) have been asked repeatedly: Why? To many it seems out of character for our agency -- which is known for its acts of charity and service to the poor -- to take a stand on a public policy issue, especially one involving a tax. This is a fair question and should be answered.  Our position was developed after months of study and consideration by our committees and board.  It was not adopted lightly or without consideration of alternatives and objections. 

Tax time can be stressful—confusing forms, choosing the right tax preparer, refund loans. Plus, you could be missing out on several thousand dollars of federal tax refunds that you deserve. Catholic Charities can help. Our IRS-certified volunteers and staff will prepare simple tax forms for free. You might qualify to receive great tax credits like the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), a refundable credit for low to moderate income individuals/families. Receive your tax refund quickly, accurately and securely. At no charge! Bilingual, award-winning staff and volunteers ready to help you. Click here to make an appointment today or call at 225-336-8700. 


Travel blog by David Aguillard, CCDBR Executive Director
Rice Field in Burkina Faso planted with help from Catholic Relief Services 
Read CCDBR Executive Director David Aguillard's touching yet humorous travel blog as he recounts his experiences during an immersion trip to Africa. He was invited by Catholic Relief Services Global Solidarity Initiative to experience our Faith Community in Action.  Burkina Faso is first stop for the group of directors representing Dioceses from all over the United States. Then the group will tour various sites in Mali. 

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