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WAFB reporter Greg Meriwether handed off $300 to Catholic Charities to purchase air conditioners for two overheated clients. By 10:00 in the morning the temperature in their homes had already reached 90 degrees. Many more people are suffering in South Louisiana's notorious summer heat, and we don't have the money to meet that need. Donate to Catholic Charities Beat the Heat fund to help our clients cool off by clicking here or mailing a check marked "Beat the Heat" to Catholic Charities, P. O. Box 1668, Baton Rouge, LA  70821. 


CCDBR Executive Director David Aguillard witnessing damage wrought to Waldo Canyon Wildfires
CCDBR Executive Director David Aguillard was deployed to assist with the Catholic Charities USA and local agencies as they respond to the wildfires burning in Colorado. Read his blog to find out more. 

Burmese refugee mother holding her baby

Imagine having to leave behind your home, friends, family, church … everything you ever knew … and start life in a new country.  For us in South Louisiana, that concept is not so foreign having lived through the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. But even before that catastrophe, Catholic Charities had three decades of helping people rebuild their lives in a new country.

Catholic Charities of Baton Rouge began resettling refugees after the fall of Vietnam in 1974 on behalf of the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops as part of our Catholic mission to welcome the stranger. Today, our refugee clients are fleeing war, violence and religious persecution from Burma, Iraq, Eritrea, Bhutan, the Congo, and others. 

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