Mike and Vicki Hoorman visit with a girl and her fatherSince 2007, Catholic Charities volunteers Mike and Vicki Hoormann have lovingly welcomed 20 newborns into their home, providing temporary care as they await their permanent adoptive homes. Despite many sleepless nights, Vicki and Mike believe being a boarding care family is their ministerial calling, especially since they can serve together as a couple. 

Not only do they build strong bonds with the babies, but they also welcome the new parents into their hearts, their homes, and their lives. They serve as a bridge connecting parents to the priceless details of their babies first few days in the world.

We are most grateful to Vicki and Mike for their years of service, sleepless nights and selfless love given to infants in need. 

Find out how you can volunteer at Catholic Charities, click here to send an email. 

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